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Our company history

The WÜST company was founded by Karl Wüst in 1977. During the first few years, the company mainly offered a repair service for construction equipment and agricultural machines. The growing demand for log wood transport solutions in the forest and transport sector pushed Karl Wüst to assemble cranes onto trucks. In no time, Wüst gained good reputation and increased their stock of new customers.

In the early nineties, they started repairing wood chippers.   Karl Wüst was convinced that he could build such machinery much better. Finally, his pioneering spirit drove him to construct his first wood chippers. After a myriad of tests, Wüst offered the first marketable wood chippers.

Soon, the wood fuel market and thus the demand for wood chippers increased quickly, so that Wüst further developed and enlarged their chipper range continuously. Nowadays, the company has a wide range of chippers for various superstructure variants and fields of application. Today, WÜST stands for high-quality and rugged Swiss chipper quality.

In September 2019, WÜST started a cooperation with the German chipper manufacturer ALBACH Maschinenbauin the sectors of vehicle construction, sales and service.

This partnership combines the different experiences of both companies. Thus, our customers highly benefit from the further development of our machines.

From now on, WÜST AG is responsible for the sales, service and central spare parts supply of ALBACH machinery in the Switzerland whereas ALBACH Maschinenbau adds 3-axle truck superstructure chippers and towed wood chippers to their portfolio. ALBACH uses its sales channels for the sale, service and central spare parts supply of the complete range of WÜST machines outside the Switzerland.

Our team

Together with our long-term committed staff from 10 different professions we endeavour to offer our customers excellent works and optimal solutions for wood chippers, wood transport vehicles and special superstructures.


Thomas Thuner
Leader of Executive Board

+41 34 491 70 87

Sales & Administration

Peter Gehrig
Head of Sales & Administration
Member of the Executive Board


Olivia Rüegsegger

+41 34 491 17 12

Customer Service & Maintenance

Ueli Guggisberg
Head of Customer Service
Member of the Executive Board


Markus Stalder
Manager of
Maintenance Workshop



Marco Graf
Head of Engineering

+41 34 491 70 84

Jonathan Rion
Project Engineer

+41 34 491 70 89

Patrick Roos
Design Engineer

+41 34 491 70 80


Thomas Thuner
Managing Director
Head of Production

+41 34 491 70 87

Michael Steiner
Coordinatior Manufacturing


Fabian Baumgartner
Coordinator Assembly


Stefan Ramseier
Coordinator Assembly